25/11/2020 - 15:00

Our post 16 trainees working on our Oarsome Skiff O16 boat building project have been really lucky to have expert training and guidance from our charity partners AkzoNobel.

After his initial visit and donation in October, Tim and his colleague Dean from AkzoNobel (International Paints Ltd) has been coming back to the workshop to guide our trainees on the preparation and application of the paint finish on the Oarsome Skiff they have built.

Earlier in November, Dean helped the students prep the boat - the students started by tack ragging off the dust and cleaning the hull and then applied five coats of Interprotect. 

Since then, led by Tim, the students have rubbed down the five coats of interprotect before applying five coats of primer. Once this was rubbed down again, finally, after all the painstaking prep, the students have applied the first of three glossy topcoats. The Oarsome Skiff is looking fabulous in turquoise! A colour selected by one of the student team.

The first coat will be followed by coat number two later this week and a rub back with 400 grit before the final coat to finish off her lovely glossy sheen. The students are also working on making the oars, so with the final coat, she will be ready to row!

Again a huge thanks to Tim and Dean from AkzoNobel for guiding the team through the mix and application process. And to AkzoNobel for the donation of the materials. To learn these skills from industry professionals is a fanastic experience for the students - skills for life and future employment.