Oarsome Chance: Canvas Works

Canvas Works is a new Oarsome Chance social enterprise programme where used sails donated by local sailing groups are ‘upcycled’ into fashion/ home accessories.

Students are trained in design and construction skills using a fully equipped studio. The young people participating not only gain hard skills (sewing, design for purpose, idea development) but also learn valuable business insight as the enterprise grows.

Donated sail and timber materials often come with a fascinating back-story, e.g. high-tech textiles incorporating carbon-fibre, or from iconic boats or voyages, such as sails donated by our patron, Yachtsman of the Year, Alex Thomson. These materials offer a fantastic opportunity for Oarsome Chance to produce desirable and unique products which are in high demand.

Social enterprise is close to the heart of Oarsome Chance's mission and the team will be exploring other social enterprise opportunities as the programme develops. We are always keen to extend links to potential business partners and supporters as the programme grows.

If you are interested in purchasing products made by Canvas Works, please visit this page where you can browse a selection of bags available to buy: https://oarsomechance.org/canvas-works-bags